Stories from the September 2006 SDJJ Edition

Meditation, Jewish Style

by Tinamarie Bernard

This past winter, I traveled to New York for seven days of meditation, Jewish style. Surprising for many Jews, I imagine, who might consider meditation to fall in the sphere of Buddhism, Hocus-Pocus or Madonna’s Kabbalah. They may wonder why a San Diegan trekked cross country – a trip that involved 15 hours, two flights, […]

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Finding God in Tinseltown

by Joel D. Amos

Two Members of the Tribe Dish on Staying Spiritual in Hollywood As television networks launch their fall season this month, it seems an opportune time to visit with some of the Jewish talent behind the networks’ new fall episodes. “It is an interesting time to be a Jew in Hollywood,” said Miriam Shor, who stars […]

The Jewish Thai Massage Guru

by Judd Handler

Yosel Tarnofsky: Kabbalist, Theosophist, Jewish Spiritual Master The Madre Grande Monastery is one of the most beautiful places in San Diego County, and one of the least-likely places for a Jew to live. Located in Dulzura, just 10-minutes from the border of Tecate, the monastery is a 264-acre paradise. It is also home to Yosel […]

Heal Me!

by Karen Pearlman

The Jewish Healing Center, a service of Jewish Family Service, is a place to open your Neshama It would be nice if there was, but the reality is: there is no one single path to finding spiritual fulfillment. Being born with a Jewish neshama (soul), we are already given a head start of sorts. And […]

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the gold standard

by Jacob Goldberg

in the aftermath of a war These lines are being written 24 hours after the ceasefire, ordered by Security Council resolution 1701, went into effect. Though a comprehensive analysis of the war is premature (and also impossible to do in a single column), a preliminary assessment is definitely in place. The most conspicuous phenomenon that […]

guest column

by Paul Telner and Byron Pascoe

pass the kishka! (the Jewish community center) The Jewish Community Centre is the place where gossip is exchanged as fast as recipes for kugel! We want to give you an accurate depiction of the honest truth. We joined to meet Jewish girls. We even had free passes at another gym. The JCC should have a […]

living on the front page

by Andrea Simontov

the silence among us Eleven summers ago I arrived in Israel with a husband and six children. We couldn’t imagine what the future held but, in truth, hadn’t given it a lot of thought. We came, simply, because the brand of Zionism in which we believed said that if we have a homeland we should […]

musings for momma

by Sharon Rosen

God, shoes and play-doh Five years ago, while stuck in traffic on the 5 freeway, my Oldest Daughters, then aged seven and six, sprung the God test on me. You know the one I mean, where your kids ask unanswerable questions like: What does God look like? Why can’t we see God? Where is God? […]


by Tinamarie Bernard

the price of being jewish I divorced last year. One of the consequences included a settlement from a home my ex-husband and I owned in Mission Hills. He bought me out. For most of the year, I relaxed my financial concerns because of the buffer the booming real estate brought to my bottom line. It […]

this just in

by Debra Kamin

to tell the story We are on the bus. Our group is varied. There is the twenty-something couple from the Southland, the New Jersey Temple Sisterhood President, and the older, retired New York-style Zionists. We don’t have much in common, and in all honesty, we don’t have much to say to each other. “Hello,” we’ve […]

unorthodox torah

by William Finn

emor The holy end of this holy portion of the holy Torah ends with the holy stoning of a blasphemer, who presumably wasn’t so holy. Isn’t this barbaric? Why should uttering God’s name merit the death sentence? At the time of the giving of the Torah, people thought that God’s holy name held enormous power. […]