Stories from the October 2011 SDJJ Edition

Forgiveness in the Melting Pot of Israel

For an olah returning home to the U.S., forgiveness at Yom Kippur takes on new meaning

A New Season in Full Swing

by Eileen Sondak

October marks the first full month of winter-season entertainment at theaters across San Diego

The Wandering Jews

by Judith Fein

When repeated dislocation uproots the lives of Judith Fein and Paul Ross, they take comfort in the outpouring of assistance by other Jews who understand their plight

Torah: Solidarity

by Andrea Simantov

When positive chesed is impractical, the Torah calls upon us to at the very least empathize and understand the plight of the unfortunate. When the citizen of Israel cannot provide shelter for the stranger he must, at the very least, show solidarity with the less fortunate.

A Personal Connection

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Rabbi Nadav Caine builds old-fashioned community at Ner Tamid by personalizing the wisdom of Torah tradition for his congregants

Sunny Side Up

by Jessica Hanewinckel

At 82, Sunny Levin is an inventor, artist, creator and as active as ever

Aging Well

by Alanna Berman

How an aging baby boomer generation is changing the world of senior care


by Eileen Sondak

A Creative Fusion of Food and Technology

More Than Trees Alone

by Alanna Berman

While Jewish National Fund might be most known for planting trees in Israel, the organization relies entirely on donor support to do many other things for the Jewish people, and it’s a great choice for those interested in planned giving

Palm Springs

by Pamela Price

Palm Springs Residents Jerry and Barbara Keller keep Palm Springs exciting in more ways than one

Musings from Mama

by Sharon Rosen Leib

The Importance of Having Fun

Living on the Front Page

by Andrea Simantov

The Luckiest People in the World

Leading the Way

by Tamar Caspi Shnall

Tel Aviv University executive Harvey Kreuger has big plans for one of Israel’s most well-known schools

God Hates Lies

by Rabbi Philip Graubart

The rabbis ask how Jeremiah and Daniel could dare to change Moses’ wording. Moses, after all, is “our rabbi;” his Torah is our source of objective truth. The rabbis answer, simply, that Jeremiah and Daniel felt that the words weren’t true, that reciting them would be a lie.

A Nation Indivisible, a Globe United

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Besides the pain and heartache that came with a 10-year tribute and the unveiling of a touching national memorial, I think the most important thing it brought back — something the U.S. has been sorely missing for the last several years — is a unity Americans have felt with one another, and the show of love and support for the U.S. from countries worldwide.

After the Fast Repast

by Lorraine and Phil Shapiro

Try a spin on a fish dish to fill your belly post-fast this Yom Kippur

Hinenih! Here I Am!

by David Harris, Executive Director, American Jewish Committee

The time is now to support Israel

People of the Book

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Despite declining book sales nationwide, San Diego Jews celebrate their love of books and learning at the 17th annual San Diego Jewish Book Fair and seventh annual Yom Limmud

A Customized Israeli Experience

by Alanna Berman

With Erez Strasburg as your guide, a trip to Israel becomes a personal journey of exploration and discovery

The Courage to Do the Right Thing

by Jessica Hanewinckel

SDSU begins Initiative for Moral Courage with community-wide symposium, first-ever SDSU seminar on moral courage

Crime after Crime

by Michael Fox

La Jolla filmmaker busts ‘Crime’ wave of domestic violence

A Legacy of Hope

by Alanna Berman

Cousins Arlene Orlansky and Marian Greenberg continue the example set for them by their late grandmother as the newest chapter president and VP of the Gussie K. Singer chapter of City of Hope

Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Ahead

by Pat Launer

Congregation Beth Israel celebrates its 150th anniversary