Stories from the May 2012 SDJJ Edition

What’s Going On: A Merry Month for the Arts

by Eileen Sondak

The La Jolla Music Society has an eclectic mix this month, beginning with Emanuel Ax May 4, as part of its Frieman Family Piano Series at Sherwood Auditorium.

From One Tribe to Another: Part Three

by Judith Fein

Vanuatu Through a Jewish Lens

Part three of three on our exploration of the Vanuatu culture and its ties to Judaism

Torah: Parsha Kedoshim: “Be Holy”

by Andrea Simantov

In his famous commentary on this parsha, the Ramban states that one can be an “obscene person within the confines of Torah.” Anyone who limits Torah holiness solely to matters of ritual, synagogue and yeshiva study hall enters that obscene, treacherous realm.

Synagogue: From Hotel to Home Among the Pines

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Congregation Adat Yeshurun celebrates its 25th anniversary

A Brighter Future for Bedouin Women

by Tinamarie Bernard

Negev-based Sidreh-Lakiya gives Bedouin women a chance to gain independence

Making the Impossible Reality

by Alanna Berman

Seacrest Village is an option for older adults of all financial means, thanks to its Resident Assistance Fund

The First Lady

by Alanna Berman

Waters of Eden pays tribute to Lenore Bohm, San Diego’s first female rabbi

Musings From Mama

by Sharon Rosen Leib

The University of Facebook

Paying it Forward

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Carmel Valley elder law attorney Maya Miller’s personal background inspires her to protect and assist older adults

Living on the Front Page

by Andrea Simantov


Israel: Escalating Emotion

by David Ogul

The atmosphere on UC campuses between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students is growing increasingly tense

God Talk

by Rabbi Philip Graubart

God Slew the Angel of Death


by Jessica Hanewinckel

Rocky Mountain Chai

Health at Home

by Alanna Berman

Western Health Homecare is committed to providing quality home healthcare

Glorious Custards

by Lorraine and Phil Shapiro

Make dessert special at Shavuot with rich custards originating in Spain and France

Building Home

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Rabbi Martin Lawson retires after 36 years leading his congregation at Del Cerro’s Temple Emanu-El

Three Jews Walk into a Room…and Create a Musical

by Pat Launer

The world premiere of “Nobody Loves You” opens at the Old Globe

Ruth, Naomi and a moment of inclusion

by Edmon J. Rodman

Seeking a conversion in time for Shavuot

The Older Jobseeker

by Alanna Berman

JFS’s Jewish Employment Network experiences an influx of seniors