Stories from the February 2012 SDJJ Edition

What’s Going On: Entertainment, Short and Sweet

by Eileen Sondak

The San Diego Symphony has a very special offering set for Feb. 18. Itzhak Perlman will be on stage for one thrilling recital. Music aficionados will want to catch this performance by the world-famous violin virtuoso.

TORAH: The Chicken or the Egg?

by Andrea Simantov

Rambam states that Jewish law requires one to know that God exists. Indeed, one must diligently work at pursuing wisdom that results in attaining knowledge of God and in loving Him as well.

A Place Like No Other

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Beth Eliyahu Torah Center in Bonita is the only Orthodox, Sephardic, Latino synagogue in San Diego

PALM SPRINGS: A Sell Out in Cinema

by Pamela Price

Israeli and Jewish-interest films sell out at Palm Springs International Film Festival

Musings From Mama

by Sharon Rosen Leib

The Extended Family

Living on the front page

by Andrea Simantov



by Rabbi Philip Graubart

Tim Tebow, Joseph and Me

Not Your Parents’ Annuities

by Alanna Berman

Robert Linderman and Vision 8 make retirement planning simple and risk-free for today’s generation


by Jessica Hanewinckel

Action Takers and Do Gooders

ISRAEL: Around the World in 365 Days

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Israeli family travels the globe to show the lesser-known side of Israel

CAMP: Sixty Years and Going Strong

by Jessica Hanewinckel

As Camp Alonim approaches its 60th anniversary this summer, it celebrates a long history of shaping the Jewish lives of three generations of campers

CAMP: The Magic of Summer Camp

by Alanna Berman

By Alanna Berman The statistics are everywhere, and they’re practically common knowledge among Jews today: Kids who go to Jewish summer camp are more likely to be engaged in the Jewish community as adults. Camp makes Judaism fun, accessible and easily understandable, even to those who come from the most secular of families. Perhaps it’s […]

So Cal Camping

by Compiled by Jessica Hanewinckel

Jewish overnight and day camps abound in Southern California

Feels Like Home

by Pat Launer

Brandeis University attracts scholars, researchers — and local women

Girl Power!

by Alanna Berman

Jewish Women’s Foundation funds five new much-needed programs for Jewish girls

Film Festival: On the Big Screen

by Jessica Hanewinckel

The San Diego Jewish Film Festival returns for its 22nd year showcasing the best of Jewish film

The 22nd annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival

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