Stories from the April 2011 SDJJ Edition

The Fairy GOODmother

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Naomi Eisenberger and the Good People Fund give money, time and mentorship to small non-profits of good people doing good deeds

The Fourth Faith of Israel

by Tinamarie Bernard

Haifa, Israel, is home to the headquarters of the Baha’i faith

The Spirituality of Healing

by Alanna Berman

When Eva Grayzel was diagnosed with stage-4 oral cancer, she turned to medicine — and her rabbi — for a cure

A Wondering Jew in Egypt

by Pat Launer

A pre-revolutionary trip — and its aftermath

Bitter Herbs Brighten Passover

by Lorraine and Phil Shapiro

Different types of bitter herbs spice up fish dishes at the Seder table

A Silver Celebration of Jewish Outreach and Love

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Chabad of Poway celebrates 25 years of service to kids, congregants and the community

A Melting Pot of Flavors

by Eileen Sondak

Americana Restaurant offers a mix of classic American and international dishes


by A. Simantov

The Seder Tightrope


by Rabbis Arthur Waskow and Phyllis Berman

Relearning and Rethinking the Passover Saga

Palm Springs

by Pamela Price

Rescuing the Evidence

Book Review: What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright

by Tinamarie Bernard

Reflections by alumni of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips

A Worthy Appraiser

by Alanna Berman

Alan Breus estimates the value of everything from prized family heirlooms to life insurance policies to be donated to charity

Musings From Mama

by Sharon Rosen Leib

Junior Year: Testing, Testing

Love, Laughter and the Occasional Knish

by Steve Hofstetter

: How to Write the Perfect Profile

Living on the Front Page

by Andrea Simantov

Three Words


by Jessica Hanewinckel

Love in Raindrops

Our Survivors

by Alanna Berman

The 60th year of Yom HaShoah commemoration commences at the Lawrence Family JCC

A Deal With the Devil

by Karen Pearlman

As “Faust” returns to the San Diego Opera this month, we examine evil from a Jewish perspective

A Popular Plan for Charitable Giving

by Jessica Hanewinckel

Donor advised funds are a simple, effective way to organize planned charitable giving

Let Our People Go

by Judith Fein

An African American Passover links the Jews’ exodus from Egypt to their own people’s freedom from the bondage of U.S. slavery