Oldest concentration camp survivor dies…and he’s not Jewish!

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The Austrian was not Jewish, but rather a conscientious objector and a Jehovah’s Witness who was imprisoned in Buchenwald, Niederhagen and Ravensbrueck camps between 1939 and 1943. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that more than 1,500 Jehovah’s Witnesses died in camps or after being convicted by military tribunals for refusing to serve in the German military. By 1939, about 6,000 Witnesses were detained in Nazi prisons or camps.


Engleitner had been offered freedom at the expense of renouncing his faith but refused to do so. Eventually he was released regardless, weighing only 62 pounds, after he agreed to forced, unpaid agricultural labor for the rest of his life. U.S. troops liberated him in 1946 after he spent time hiding in the mountains to escape being drafted into the Nazi army.


His life, both during the Holocaust and afterward, was documented in the book and film “Unbroken Will.”

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  1. Alex says:

    While a conscientious objector survivor is someone to be admired it doesn’t prove he is of the ‘true religion’.
    Jehovah’s Witness is a relatively new sect that was born only 130 years ago by American Charles Taze Russel. He teachings and his followers that can be test with the measurement of time have proved false.
    The Watchtower goes to great lengths to hide the history and objections to WT teachings from members and also uses life time shunning of direct families to keep the flock from questioning the leaderships doctrines.

  2. We salute you Leopold Engleitner!

    6 Million Jews
    3 Million Poles
    400,000 Gypsies
    50,000-100,000 Homosexuals
    150,000 Disabled Germans

    Nobody ever mentions that Hitler rounded up all the Masons many of them Catholics and had them killed.The only Masons who survived didn’t have their name on the rolls at the Grand lodge in Berlin. I think it was over 30,000 Masons that were murdered- they never got imprisoned, but killed outright, as Hitler feared them.
    Many leaders of various resistance groups compromised,individuals maintained integrity.
    The Jehovah’s Witnesses leader Joseph Rutherford also initially sought favor with Hitler,but when Hitler double-crossed him he drove his own followers to be martyrs.
    Millions of Slavs, Russians, Socialist, Catholics, Protestants perished.

    —Danny Haszard

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