Natalie Portman’s treat

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By Six Degrees (No Bacon) Staff


NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Here is another reason to love Natalie Portman.

The proud mother, who turned 31 over the weekend, went to a vegan deli in L.A. (Portman is a proud vegan), and her firstborn Aleph would apparently not stop crying, so after failed attempts to calm the baby down, Portman did what every mother should do in that case — pay the tabs of the surrounding tables. Just kidding, mothers shouldn’t do that, but Natalie did anyway, despite protests from fellow diners. Portman, who remains a stay-at-home mother for now, is not set for any projects in the near future.

3 Comments to “Natalie Portman’s treat”

  1. Bill Pearlman says:

    Natalie Portman, aside from being seriously good looking, is far away the most pro-Israel star in Hollywood. And evidently is also a mensch. God bless

  2. smithgg says:

    Really??? Uhhh…I believe she’s agreed to appear in Thor 2 again…which films this Summer!!!

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