Not Your Parents’ Annuities

by Alanna Berman | February 2012 | 1 Comment »

By Alanna Berman

When it comes to retirement planning, myriad options are available. So many, that most people seek the help of a professional to determine which one is right for them. With the amount of risk involved in so many of those options, wouldn’t it be nice if your IRA or 401(k) could remain intact, even with the stock market’s current volatility? With the guidance of Vision 8 Financial Services, they can.

“We specialize in safe retirement accounts, so we will never, ever put one penny of our clients’ money at risk,” says Robert Linderman, executive vice president and co-founder of Vision 8.

How to prepare for retirement without a single ounce of risk? Though life insurance products and fixed index annuities, on which Linderman says are impossible to lose money.

“It’s just not possible,” he says. “People get very confused and see ‘annuity,’ and think they don’t want it. Certainly with a variable annuity, you better believe you could lose money, but with the fixed index annuity, it’s impossible.”

Additionally, Linderman recommends a life insurance policy as part of a balanced portfolio. He has numerous options from which his clients can choose, all hand selected for safety of investment.

“We have some brand new life insurance accounts for younger people and for people who own their own businesses, who can use these accounts in lieu of a 401(k),” he says. “[With these types of investments,] people don’t have to wait until they are 59½ to retire and pull their money out. These accounts are tax-free, and for people who are 50 and older, we have fixed index annuities that are second to none, that pay the highest rates of interest.”

When first meeting with a client, Linderman holds what he calls a ‘fact-finding’ meeting, where he learns all about their finances and their goals, building a roadmap catered to that specific person.

“If we can make their portfolio not only safe but build [it as well], we will point that out and go through everything extensively,” he says.

Always available for his clients day or night, Linderman ensures their money is safe, and that he’ll always be available to answer questions.

“Our typical client is really anyone who has or wants to get a retirement account, [or who has] an IRA or 401(k), or really, anyone who works and wants to put money away for the future,” Linderman says. “Most people are putting their investments into the stock market and into mutual funds and investment products that can lose money, [losing them] money on their retirement. But getting people the highest rate of return on their investment, absolutely risk free [is my passion].”


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