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On kibbutz, secular seders stray from tradition

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A Mandate for Israel, Remembrance and Reparation

North Coast Repertory Theatre premieres Lionel Goldstein’s “Mandate Memories”

The Consonance of Music and Dance

Malashock Dance and Art of Élan collaborate to present “Lifeblood Harmony”


Saying Goodbye to Aunt Flo May Be Harder Than You Thought

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StandWithUs Brings Israeli Soldiers to San Diego

Events happening this week

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Sixty-Minute Seder

A Quick Passover this year.

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The Kerry Initiative on Trial

Amidst global discussion, where do the locals stand?

Life on the Ranch: A Legacy of Jewish Growth

North County’s hub for Jewish life builds upon Lee and Toni Leichtag’s vision

THEATER: “Harmony” On and Off the Stage:

Longtime collaborators Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman talk about their new musical

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ISRAEL: An American Half-Jew in Israel

My Trip to Israel through Birthright


Erika’s Unorthodox Rugelach

“Believe in Love”

JFS’s annual Heart and Soul Gala

BOOK REVIEW: The World of Our Grandmothers

Judith Fein’s “The Spoon From Minkowitz” is a journey through shared ancestry

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24th Annual Jewish Film Festival Schedule

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The Murders at Bullenhuser Damm: An Untold Story

San Diegan Mark James grew up knowing little about his parents’ lives during World War II, and even less about his older brother who died a few weeks before its end

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NOSH: D.Z. Akin’s Deli

A local landmark in deli cuisine

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At the Top

David Geffen, the optometrist at Gordon and Weiss Vision Institute, is an institution of his own among the eye care community

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Brewing at its Best

AleSmith Brewing Company is a labor of love (and beer) for local brewer Peter Zien

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Past, Present, Future

Federation celebrates 75 years of strengthening Jewish San Diego and the world

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A Mensch to Pets

Humane Society President Dr. Mark Goldstein performs daily mitzvot for animals and their people

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Just Don’t Call Him Chef

Sam “the cooking guy” Zien cooks easy, great food with a dash of Jewish humor mixed in

Be Your Own Matchmaker

Patti Stanger of “Millionaire Matchmaker” fame gives San Diegans her own brand of good new-fashioned Jewish matchmaking advice

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