Simchas Resource Guide, 2017

by Brie Stimson February 27, 2017


cole_zickwolff_0547Trending Topics for 2017 Simchas. Consider these elements before delving into full party-planning mode with help from the resources outlined below. 


“A lot of people are doing eco-friendly – like making their party green,” BESA co-chair Lydia Krasner says. She adds that natural fibers like burlap and jute have become very popular. “I think people are looking for authenticity,” she says. People no longer want plastic or silk flowers, she explains.

Lounge Furniture

“Lounge furniture is always a hit,” Krasner says. “I feel like the lounge furniture is always a great way to go because you put it around the dance floor and it keeps the kids engaged with the DJ.” She says, unlike 10 years ago, they rarely do big tables because it hinders flow. Wherever the kids are sitting they can move around and always have access to the dance floor.


Krasner says she’s seen more cultured themes in the last few years, things like Broadway, modern Judaic. Whereas 10 years ago she would do more parties along the lines of sports or Disney themes, kids now are looking for something that feels a bit older.

“The internet has opened a lot of doors to kids,” she says. “The

themes have gotten more mature.”

Food Trucks

Trucks that serve everything from coffee to brownies to food on a stick are trending right now.

“That trickled down from Hollywood and a lot of the L.A. parties,” she explains.

Tiffany Blue for Girls

“You don’t have to have a theme,” Krasner says. “It could be about a color.”

In the last year, Tiffany Blue has been the most popular color for Bat Mitzvahs, according to Krasner. 

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