Introducing Judoku: Sudoku with a Jewish twist

August 2, 2011


San Diego Jewish news
The Judoku app educates users on the Jewish faithSource: Judoku

Jewish-owned company ACME Digital Laboratories, LLC has created a new iPad application called Judoku, an education puzzle game designed to help children and young adults learn the Torah. The application, which is a spinoff of the Japanese game Sudoku, is played on a similar nine-square grid but consists of Jewish symbols or Hebrew letters rather than numbers.

Judoku mastermind Andrew Charon commented on his vision to create a Jewish-inspired application, stating on his website, “My whole life people have asked me questions about Judaism, and then it occurred to me, here’s the opportunity to merge both into one fun user experience.”

Charon was also motivated to bring Judoku to life after attempting to teach his children the ins and outs of the Jewish faith. He explained, “I wanted a captivating tool I could use to teach my own children about Judaism. Learning the Torah was competing for their attention against Angry Birds and Justin Bieber tweets.

He added, “I figured if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! That, and frankly, I really just wanted to create something called Judoku.”

The application is now available on the iPad App Store.


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