The Perfect Cup of Tea

by Lianne Goldsmith August 27, 2018


teacupI didn’t always love Yom Kippur. As a child it challenged me. I was constantly torn about whether to break ranks and eat while the family fasted. One year, I must have been about eight years old, I remember deciding that in order to stay alive and ensure my survival, I would eat a banana sandwich. It was huge and delicious, but unfortunately my mom was NOT impressed. I never did that again. Yom Kippur was a drag.

Then one day it all changed – October 6, 1973. I felt a sudden deep sense of belonging to a community so emotionally invested with the start of the Yom Kippur War. I walked around shul listening, watching and feeling the pain as the adults wept. And although it was a devastating day, it was also the day I came to understand what it meant to belong to something way bigger than anything I had previously known.

Over the years Yom Kippur has become that one day when I can just be. I love everything about the stillness, solitude and togetherness. I love the time I have to sink into my thoughts, nurture memories, love my parents, brother and sister, celebrate lifelong friendships and weep over darling friends and family who have passed on. Most of all I spend mindful time in gratitude for the love and life lessons I continue to receive from my darling daughters and husband.

And when the sun has gone down, and I have prayed and discussed things endlessly with myself and the shofar has blown that heartfelt long Tekiah Ha Gadol, there is nothing quite like that perfect sweet cup of tea to bring me back into my beautiful life.


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