StandWithUs San Diego Launches Into the School Year With New Staff, High School Interns and College Fellows

September 26, 2018


charline-and-the-sd-emersons-1The StandWithUs (SWU) San Diego Emerson Fellows and StandWithUs High School Interns completed their respective August training conferences and are eager to utilize their new skills and knowledge to inspire and educate their peers about Israel and confront anti-Israel rhetoric.

Sara Miller continues to lead as director of SWU SD.  Yael Steinberg joined as Associate Director after completing a Masters in non-profit organizations from Hebrew University.

Charline Delkhah who served as president of “Aggies for Israel” at UC Davis, is the new Southwest Campus Coordinator. Kate Chavez, the new Southwest High School Coordinator taught English to students in Bat Yam, Israel last year.

Founded in 2007, the SWU Emerson Fellowship selects and trains 95 student leaders from 95 universities throughout North America. Fellows run dynamic programs that bring Israel’s message to their campuses and also combat BDS campaigns.

Last year’s Emerson’s countered the anti-Israel “Apartheid Wall” and helped pass an anti-Semitism resolution through the student government at SDSU and hosted SWU’s “Israeli Soldiers Tour” at UCSD.

The 2018-19 UCSD Emerson is Adam Taryle. VP of Israeli Culture for Tritons for Israel (TFI), Adam comments that, “before the conference, I had plenty of ideas but not many tools to actualize them. Now I am confident that my team (TFI) will be able to implement an effective strategy; we are already talking and planning events.”

SDSU’s new Emerson Dana Elazar is also VP of Students Supporting Israel (SSI) and President of Mishelanu. Dana felt, “that a piece of me was missing” when her family left Israel at age eight. “StandWithUs has helped me gain those bits and pieces back through educating about Israel and spreading the love I have throughout my campus.”

StandWithUs recognized that Israel education had to begin sooner than college and in 2012 they created the StandWithUs High School Internship.

The year-long program prepares students for the challenges they may face in college and the community regarding Israel.  Students begin Israel clubs in their school, bring educational programming and write articles. Last year’s intern Trevor Lyons will share his experiences with the Israel club at San Diego Jewish Academy at SWU SD’s annual gala on October 14.

The 2018-19 interns are: Dekel Galor, Canyon Crest Academy; Nathan Pupko Ginsberg, Torrey Pines High School and Raphael Shpitalnik, Southern California Yeshiva.

Raphael just took the #15SecondChallenge – what can you do in 15 seconds – the time Israelis living in the south have to find shelter after rockets are fired at them.

He is also “a religious Jew and the SWU internship is helping my goal of furthering my knowledge about Israel.”

Dekel became an intern “to have the tools to be able to defend the truth in my community. I am passionate about bringing peace and stopping violence.” Nathan recognizes that “there is a trend towards anti-Semitism, hatred towards Israel and misinformation about the situation. I want to combat this by creating events and activities that educate and inspire people while defending and protecting Israel. I am most excited about being able to be a Pro-Israel advocate in an Anti-Zionist world.”

At the training conferences for both programs held in Los Angeles, students learned leadership and debate skills, how to run programs and form coalitions with other groups, and how to utilize SWU’s various programs, including legal and conventional and social media.  There were sessions on understanding and countering BDS campaigns and how to determine when legitimate criticism of Israel crosses the line into anti-Semitism. They were instructed on Israel’s history, strategic issues and received a Mideast update.

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