Online Israel Magazine Accepting Digital Ambassadors

by Brie Stimson November 28, 2016


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ISRAEL21c, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization and publisher of an English language online news magazine about modern Israel, is accepting applications for its Digital Ambassadors program.

Digital ambassadors, North American college students or recent grads (18-25), receive a monthly stipend to share stories and videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social media about great things Israelis are doing to help people around the world.

ISRAEL21c’s original website content is available for the ambassador’s to use, and covers such topics as new technology, medical breakthroughs and features like what to eat in Israel.

Ambassadors are trained in social media strategy and work from home. Each ambassador chooses a special area to focus on (health, technology, social action, culture, etc.) and promotes ISREL21c’s stories online.

Ambassadors receive free training and are asked to attend an initial full-day training session. The workload is about two hours per week and the stipend is $100 per month.

For more information contact Digital Ambassador Program Outreach Coordinator Aliza Lieb at or submit an application.


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