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by Jennie Starr March 1, 2019


rick-and-group-1Can you imagine the Shabbat table or the medura/campfire without Jewish music? Jewish music is a huge draw, perhaps second only to exceptional Jewish food. Programs with Jewish music appeal not only to listeners, but to many who play, sing or sometimes take the lead. Nearly one third of San Diego’s 30 plus indie Jewish experiences involve Jewish music. Not just a concert, but an activity in which you can contribute to, sing, or play Jewish music. How might we inspire people to enrich Jewish experiences with their music passion and skills? To find out, we’re bringing together singers, musicians and Jewish music enthusiasts of all kinds to learn and make music with singer/song leader Rick Recht.

A Full Day of Jewish Music.

The Workshop, Concert & Havdalah

Are you the one who gets people singing, the drummer, guitar or piano player, the Jewish camp song lover, a volunteer or Jewish educator? Rick Recht began his Song Leader Boot Camps (SLBC) to in- spire anyone who can hum, sing and/or play an instrument to create Jewish magic moments. Rick and SLBC will be hosted at the Hive in Encinitas, San Diego’s coworking space, which focuses on professional growth and Jewish cultural events. Rick is the spokesman for the PJ Library, founder of Jewish Rock Radio and offers concerts and workshops nationwide (and in Mexico too). Participants will learn a wide repertoire of classic and contemporary Jewish music with local friends and musicians and improve leadership skills. Bring your voice, your instrument, your energy. The workshop runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on March 31 and is rich in Jewish music and singing.

SLBC for Teens and the Teen Song Leader Fellowship

One of Rick’s SLBC faculty, Craig Parks, has inspired locals for years through his music programs and he encourages participation in SLBC. Hannah Green was raised in San Diego, attended SLBC and participated in Craig’s programs. Today, she is a student at Santa Barbara and the president of Hillel where she sweetens services with Jewish music and prayer.

Songleader Hillel “Hilly” Ruben, was similarly inspired by Craig and SLBC and will serve as the mentor for the new Teen Song Lead- er Fellowship supported by the Jewish Teen Initiative. Hilly, currently a San Diego State student, enthusiastically agreed to help train the next generation, describing the importance of Jewish song leaders as key in helping craft “the soundtrack of our Jewish lives.”

The Teen Song Leader Fellowship includes discounted SLBC registration, an internship and two meetings with Hilly to mentor their work. Darren Schwartz, Federation’s chief program officer shared,
Rick Recht and the group.

“We have been doing a lot of work in the Jewish Teen Initiative to identify opportunities they want to do Jewishly. We believe SLBC, the Jewish Teen Fellowship and internship is an amazing leadership opportunity for our local teens and something very different from other local offerings.“ Teens may participate in SLBC without committing to the Fellowship.

Free Concert & Havdalah at the JCC

The SLBC experience will continue with a free concert and Havdalah as part of Family Day at the JCC from 5:30 to 7 p.m., featuring Rick, Kavannah, Solel’s Jewish teen band and SLBC participants. Betzy Lynch, chief executive officer of the Lawrence Family JCC of San Diego remarked, “This collaboration to bring Rick Recht to the stage was a fabulous opportunity! Rick’s talent to take parents back to the magic of Jewish summer camp, and bridging the excitement for young children to hear the contemporary songs of our tradition, makes him a perfect fit for Family Day at the J sponsored by the Viterbi Family Foundation. Don’t miss the chance to hear Rick and future song leaders of our community!” A

Learn more and Register: Jennie Starr is CEO and Founder of Tarbuton & Startup18, a 501c3 founded in 2006, that supports independent Jewish and Israeli community builders creating new entry points for Jewish life in San Diego. SLBC and the Teen Song Leader Fellowship are generously supported provided by Jewish Federa- tion of San Diego County and the Jewish Teen Initiative , the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, the Leichtag Foundation and the Barnik Tarbut Foundation.

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