Lucky Charms

by Jacqueline Bull May 28, 2018


milena-from-the-mama-collection-photo-courtesy-hallamamaBest friends and sisters-in-law Lihi Shabati and Pauline Salman are the founders of Hollamama, an accessories brand for women, mothers and children. Hollamama is less than a year old, but, prior to this, Lihi ran a baby gift brand in Israel before selling it a couple years ago and moving back to North America.

All of the jewelry has an element of spiritual meaning by way of an amulet, token, lucky charm or even as a totem to represent oneself, and the symbol of the hamsa hand is featured in almost all the pieces in some way.

“We’ve taken the concept of the hamsa hand that is known not only in the Jewish faith and other faiths and cultures as well for being a symbol of good luck, protection, good energy, fighting off the evil eye – just being a positive symbol,” Lihi said.

She sees Hollamama as a more sophisticated and subtle take on using the figure of the hamsa hand, not just it blown up and printed on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

“It’s about something that is a little more subtle and something that you know in your heart, you know it’s there and it is not that obvious. The hamsa hand is incorporated in almost all of our pieces in sophisticated ways that matches the figures and the collections.”

One of the collections is the Mama Collection which features four different mother figures (Jia, Yuka, Luna, and Milena) that have different traits and characteristics. The description of Milena explains: “She represents warmth, soft heartedness and a close connection to Mother Earth. Her outer appearance symbolizes motherhood, fertility and the development of feminine strength. As a mother, she is soft, pleasant and provides a sense of security to her children.”

“[These are] more of the traits that you can relate to as a mother. And find the one that represents you, that you can wear everyday, that can remind you in the hustle of being a mom these days, sometimes you forget what it is all about. And you forget what you are doing and that you are bringing up little people, and all the things that you want to pass on to them, and the kind of mother that you want to be. Sometimes you get lost in it all,” she said.

More broadly, there is also an animal collection. Each gold plated animal is meant to symbolize different traits and imbue the wearer with good luck, the protection of the hamsa hand and the traits and virtues of one of the nine animals. The sheep represents “purity, warmth and gentleness,” the owl represents “wisdom, intuition and healing” and the lion represents “nobility, resolution and power.”

“The animal collection brings together the virtues of the different animals together with the power of the hamsa hand. You can read through and find the animal that you connect to most. And find your own personal lucky charm,” she said.

Lihi and Pauline are both mothers and Lihi explains that they feed off of each other and the support of other women and mothers. She said, “It’s part of our name Hollamama, you know ‘Hello Momma, we see you, we get you, we’re here for you.’ It takes a village. That’s kind of what we’re about.”


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