Delizioso Taste of Little Italy 2018

by Jacqueline Bull May 28, 2018


taste-of-li1On June 13, Taste of Little Italy returns for its 10th year. This one-night event takes over the neighborhood of Little Italy with live music in the streets and most importantly nearly 40 participating restaurants. With the ticket purchase, guests are given a Taste Passport, which show all the restaurants and their menus to map out the evening.

“I think one of the unique features of our culinary experiences is that you have businesses that have been here since the 50’s, and established themselves, and are still running as the original families that started the neighborhood. And then you have this culinary explosion that happened probably in the last, I would say five to 10 years, … seeing that explosion come in with Top Chef Richard Blais and Brian Malarkey coming in with some really interesting concepts,” said Chris Gomez, Little Italy Association’s District Manager.

This blend of old world and new world continues to evolve in the present day. Chris mentions a new wave of first generation Italian Americans like Bencotto and Monello, and then you also have Civico 1845 with unique vegan Italian fair.

Chris explains, “You get this full diverse flavor. You are not only getting your traditional Italian that you would get at a family serving or family dinner, but you are getting an elevated dining experience that I think that really showcases what San Diego is and how come now not only is San Diego known as a craft brew location, but also known as a foodie town.”

Added for this year is Nolita Hall, a European-inspired brew house with food service that is new to Little Italy. And Nonna Italian Comfort Food (formerly Cafe Zucchero and Trattoria Fantastica) will be participating in the taste for the first time.

All the restaurants are on a north or south route with the menus on the passport. This helps guests pace and plan their evening. And for those with an extraordinary appetite, “To those people that are adventurous enough to go after that many carbs, [laughs], I celebrate them and so those people can purchase a north and south route.”

In addition to the dinner choices, there are also appetizers, beverages (wine, beer and coffee) and desserts. Chris adds that there will be valet at the event and that tickets sell out fast. Α

Taste of Little Italy will be on June 13 from 5 to 9 p.m. Search Taste of Little Italy at for more information and to buy tickets, which are $40.


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