Character Day 2016 Expected to Impact Millions in Global Conversation

by Caline Chitayat June 2, 2016


character day1Last year’s second annual Character Day was hailed as a success. The nonprofit Let it Ripple, which uses film and technology to engage people in unconventional conversations, established the global day after its founder released “The Making of a Mensch” to high praise.

The group calculates “hundreds of thousands from more than 125 countries” participated and viewed the films “The Making of a Mensch” and “The Adaptable Mind” and held discussions about living fulfilling and purposeful lives in 2015.

This year’s Character Day continues with the hope to create a global conversation about the importance of character-building in today’s 24/7 world—focusing on developing and heightening creativity, humility, grit, courage, compassion and empathy.

Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain explains that The John Templeton foundation “…supports projects at the intersection of spirituality, science, and the goodness and potential of humankind. [Let it Ripple] strives to explore all of these concepts with Character Day—and to make them personally meaningful for a wide range of audiences.”

Character Day 2016 is set for September 22. Let it Ripple is encouraging groups—including schools, organizations, companies, congregations and communities of any size—to sign up and participate in the empowering event. So far, only two schools in San Diego have registered to participate.

Groups that sign up for Character Day can create and host an event that best suits their community, anytime on September 22, anywhere in the world. The first 10,000 groups to register will receive a free printed discussion packet from Let it Ripple.

Hosts can choose from a number of award-winning short films, including “The Making of a Mensch,” which explores character from the perspective of the ancient Jewish teachings of Mussar and applies the wisdom to a 21st century audience.

Groups can then join a global conversation that unifies all the screenings and discusses character-building with experts from various perspectives.

Shlain adds, “At the core we’re really talking about the same thing: developing our character to bring more joy, meaning, and purpose to our lives.”

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