What’s Jewish at the Local Movie Theatres This Summer

by Jackie Cohen June 17, 2015


landmark moviesLandmark Theatres is out with their summer lineup and I culled through the listings to see what shows have particular Jewish interest this time around. Here’s what I found:

Amy (2015)

Amy Winehouse was a Jewish singer from England best known for her deep vocals and mix of various music genres. This documentary follows Winehouse from her early life to her success in the music industry, as well as her issues with paparazzi, relationships, and her decline from drug and alcohol addiction. It includes commentary from her parents, brother, managers, boyfriend at the time of her death, ex-husband, and friends.

The film opens at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinema on July 10.

Jaws (1975)

This is Steven Spielberg’s classic film about a series shark attacks that take place in a New England resort town – not the remake. The town’s police chief and a marine biologist set out to find the shark responsible for the attacks. Not only is the director of “Jaws” Jewish, but also Richard Dreyfuss, who plays Matt Hooper, the marine biologist.

The film is being screened at Landmark’s Ken Cinema on July 4.

The Look of Silence (2014)

Director Joshua Oppenheimer found footage from the 1965 Indonesian genocide that reveals to a family how their son was murdered. The footage also gives the family the identities of the murderers. This documentary follows the youngest son, Adi, who decides to confront his brother’s murderer, something unheard of in a society where the murderers are still in power. Adi is an optometrist and confronts the men who killed his brother and asks them to admit responsibility while checking their eyesight. This film shows what many Jews wish they had had the chutzpah to do and few actually did: confront Nazi perpetrators.

“The Look of Silence” opens on July 31 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema.

The Connection (2014)

A 70s-styled crime thriller based on true events shows a Marseilles magistrate named Pierre Michel, who takes it upon himself to dismantle the French Connection, a large drug smuggling operation. He, along with an elite task force tries to weaken the French Connection through drug raids, arrests, and interrogation. He would do anything to stop the drug dealers. The drug dealers try to retaliate by putting Michel’s family in danger. Now he must choose between stopping the drug dealers and saving his family. Will Michel follow the Jewish commandment of pikuach nefesh, doing anything to save a life, or will he continue on his quest to eliminate the French Connection?

“The Connection” opens June 26 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema.

For more information about Landmark’s summer screenings, visit www.landmarktheatres.com/san-diego.


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