Palm Springs: The Annual Ice Cream Social

by Pamela Price May 30, 2013


By Pamela Price

When 180 Desert residents received an invitation from Phyliss Mintz Eisenberg to attend her annual end-of-season ice cream social, they weren’t just RSVPing to a simple gathering of friends at Beach Yogurt in Palm Desert. At this year’s gathering April 26, Eisenberg incorporated a little philanthropy into the festivities.

As guests arrived, Eisenberg used a microphone to announce each one by name, including details about them and what they’d done lately, plus information on their latest philanthropic venture.

Of those who attended, 50 were first-timers, many of which were area volunteers.

Some local volunteers, first-timers and veterans to the event, include Barbara Paget, a Chicago-based friend of Eisenberg’s and founding chairman of the Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day; Sandy Seplow and Sam Oberman, who are on the Board for Jewish Family Service of the Desert; Annette Sunshine, the co founder of the Desert’s first Gilda’s Club, a cancer support organization; Laurie and Larry Weitz, who open their home almost every week for charity events; and Joni Maltzman, who was honored as Volunteer of the Year by Tools for Tomorrow, a charity dedicated to enhancing art in the pubic schools.

Around the yogurt dispensers was more to see and hear, aside from mounds of double chocolate yogurt being dressed with fresh strawberries and lavishly topped with warm caramel.

French Tunisian twins Claudine Real, a local real estate wizard, and Lydia Bosnino, a wellness coach, were seen with what looked like identical cups of yogurt. Janet Newcomb approved of the fat free menu, but then her weekly show “Walking on Eggs,” on Money Radio 1510, is the gospel on healthy food choices.

Eyes lifted from the yogurt dispensers when Timmy Woods, handbag designer, and Cindy Kjaergaard, self proclaimed globetrotter, walked in and struck poses with their crystal-studded cupcake-inspired handbags. They were temporarily upstaged by Eisenberg, however, who sported a jewel-encrusted handbag made to look like a hotdog in a bun, inspired by her Chicago-based family business, Eisenberg Gourmet Beef Hot Dogs. Her friend Joyce Boulifant (former television wife of Gavin MacLeod on CBS’s “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”) struck up a conversation with pals discussing her first trip to Israel with husband Roger Perry, scheduled for take off a week later.

Like Boulifant, other snowbirds in attendance enjoyed chilling out before flying off in all directions just in the nick of time to avoid the Desert’s summer heat. Farewell until the next season!


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