Shalva Center Thanks San Diegan for her Gap Year Service in Israel

by Shalva Center July 6, 2017


leetal-shalvaA true mensch resides in this community and her name is Leetal Winick. Leetal just returned from her gap year in Israel, and while she was there, she did something that greatly impacted the lives of children with special needs in Jerusalem.

Leetal participated in the Shalva Ambassadors Program as a volunteering at the Shalva National Center where transformative services are provided to thousands of flourishing kids every year. As an ambassador, Leetal not only volunteered every week, but was also responsible for bringing in new volunteers. Many of them ran the Jerusalem Marathon for Shalva, threw parties for the Shalva kids, hosted sleepovers, and even got their hands dirty painting the Recycling Center and working in the Therapeutic Garden. Leetal’s choice to spend time giving to children with special needs during her gap year in Israel is a true inspiration to us all.

In her own words, “I never thought about making Aliya until I started interning at Shalva. There is something in the air there, something magical. The beauty of Israel and Judaism is palpable every time I enter the building. I’m grateful everyday that I’m able to take part in the magical experience that is Shalva.”

From all of us here at the Shalva center, thank you, Leetal for representing our community with such honor. We’re looking forward to seeing what you do next and to writing about next year’s fleet of mensches from San Diego!


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