San Diego’s Jewish Motorcycle Club Enjoys its First Ride

by Natalie Jacobs July 13, 2017


shalom-and-chromeBack in the May issue of the San Diego Jewish Journal we told you about Steve Marion-Walker who had just moved to Encinitas and was looking for fellow Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts to start a local chapter of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance. Shortly after that news story ran, Steve got back in touch to say they’d reached, and exceeded their goal of at least five members and were able to start the group, which they’ve named “Shalom & Chrome.”

They met for their first ride earlier this month, at a Starbucks in Escondido. After fueling up on coffee and discussing “everything from politics to ‘why doesn’t everyone speak Hebrew?'” Steve reports, they picked a backroads route past Mt. Palomar and road until lunch when they stopped for Mexican food in Ramona. Steve says their group of seven are now riding together regularly.

Get in on the action with this video compilation of their first ride:

“We have a lot of Israelis in the club,” Steve says over email, explaining they make up about half of current Shalom & Chrome membership. “It seems they may be feeling somewhat isolated here in San Diego and are really excited about joining a Jewish social group based on motorcycles and camaraderie.

“Guess I’ll learn to speak Hebrew,” he adds.

New members are always welcome. Contact Steve Marion-Walker at steve [at] for details, or like “Shalom & Chrome” them on Facebook.




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