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by Amanda Kelly January 2, 2015


Eileen January 2015

Oftentimes, people seek alternative health practices only after they have exhausted all options in traditional medicine. Eileen Kurlander, an alternative health practitioner and president of the North County Holistic Chamber of Commerce in San Diego, discovered alternative healing in much the same manner.

Kurlander, a native of Indianapolis, Ind., moved to San Diego more than 20 years ago to work in the field of interior furnishing. Not too long after she arrived, however, her health began to deteriorate.

When traditional medicine did nothing to alleviate her symptoms, Kurlander tried various natural and alternative therapies. Then she met with an allergist who diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her blood tested off the charts for industrial toxicity. The allergist recommended a systematic cleanse to rid her body of toxins, something she was already trying with the alternative methods she had discovered. Those ultimately healed her.

“Through healing myself and rebuilding my system,” Kurlander explains, “I learned how we are made and I use my experience to help people.”

Kurlander’s resume now features a laundry list of alternative wellness qualifications from Reiki Master Healer to Certified Pain Management Technician. She applies each of these specializations in her practice, which she runs out of her Carmel Valley home.

In many cases, she works not only with individuals, but also with entire families. In fact, she considers her practice to be family oriented and spiritually based. As a single mother, she sees the value of fostering healthy interpersonal relationships.
“Motherhood has made me a better counselor, coach and mentor,” she says. “I help people live a greater life. Take them from where they are to where they want to go using mind, body, spirit practices.”

While many of her clients have reached their wits-end with traditional medicine by the time they make their way to Kurlander, she says she works with many different people with a variety of health concerns.

“It’s satisfying to see people living happily. It feels really good.”

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