A Night of Entertainment and Competition

by Jacqueline Bull January 29, 2018


hillesuperstars-11It’s a good time for Hillel San Diego. A new center was approved for UC San Diego (to be called the Glickman Hillel Center) and they are bringing back Campus SuperStar after a year of hiatus.

Campus Superstar, Hillel’s singing competition for college students in San Diego County, has its semi finals in February, and the finale March 18 at Scripps Auditorium. This year they are adding online voting to select the winner from the finalists the judges select. Whether it be online, or in person to experience a night of entertainment and competition, representatives from Hillel are passionate that you will walk away feeling good.

Campus Superstar originally started in an Atlanta Hillel and the idea caught on to Hillel’s across the country and to San Diego.

“We were so excited about the idea to be able to showcase what Hillel is all about. It’s about inspiring young people to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. And doing so in a way that brings that community together for a fun evening… [And] showcasing college students performing and bringing their own passions and interests to the stage,” Rabbi David Singer, Acting Executive Director of Hillel San Diego, said.

Helping the students perform their best and making the show as fun and polished as possible is where Cris O’Bryon, the Musical Director, comes in. “I get to direct a bunch of different projects and they are usually a one-off sort of event. . .When there is an annual event, there is a lot more energy built up … All the energy that we put into building the show, getting all the pieces in place and then having it all culminate in one night is very exciting,” he said.

Cris is involved in the entire process from auditions, selecting musicians, guiding and coaching the singers and coordinating the group numbers for the finale. He works with the finalists individually to help them present their singing to a live audience. “I like people doing excellent work and, you know, helping to bring out their best,” he adds.

“This is a top notch performance,” Cris concludes. David, as he introduces himself, adds, “This is a fun evening, it’s an exciting evening and just a night that all of our attendees will leave Scripps Auditorium feeling really good about themselves, feeling great about the students who performed and their talents, feeling great about the students they’ve heard from who Hillel has impacted directly in their college careers and feeling great about the fact that they’ve been able to give back to Hillel.”

And for those attendees that are looking for reassurance in the position of Judaism with younger generations lives, David thinks they can feel good about that, too.

“I can attest the younger generations that we impact and work with everyday at UCSD and San Diego State, among them Jewish culture and tradition and Jewish life in general is thriving,” he said, “The entire community should have a lot of confidence for the future generations. That’s really the essence of what Hillel’s work is all about.” Α


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