Camp Ramah Begins California Expansion

by Natalie Jacobs January 30, 2017


ramah-2In mid December, Camp Ramah in California announced it closed escrow on property next to its existing Ojai, Calif., facility and campgrounds. The new land, situated just north of the existing grounds, will extend the camp north and west by 174 more acres. This brings the total size of the Southern California camp to 445 contiguous acres.

In their 2011 “Camp Works” report the Foundation for Jewish Camp found that 70,000 Jewish kids attended Jewish camp in the summer of 2010. Through their population study of 26 communities across the country, the report found that as adults, campers are 21 percent more likely than their Jewish, non-camp-attending peers to feel that being Jewish is very important. Similarly, campers were found to be 45 percent more likely to attend synagogue at least once a month as adults, and 37 percent more likely to light candles regularly for Shabbat.

Camp Ramah sees their California expansion as a way to increase those numbers for future generations of Jewish kids and adults.

“We are thrilled to announce this additional acreage in Ojai,” said Rabbi Joe Menashe, executive director of Camp Ramah in California, in a statement. “This will enhance our site’s experiential education and ensure long-term preservation of this pristine landscape for generations to come. This addition will mean we are better positioned to offer the gift of a Jewish summer camp experience, which studies continue to show fosters life-long Jewish engagement and cements and enriches Jewish identities throughout lifetimes.”

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