Beth Accomando: Breaking the Commandments: Pre-Code Hollywood

January 9, 2019


January 17, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Beth Israel
9001 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego
CA 92122
For a few brief years at the end of the silent era and early years of the talkies, Hollywood reveled in breaking the rules. Pre-Code Hollywood refers to an era from the arrival of sound in 1927 to the mandatory enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code in July 1934. This era is notable because while there was a Production Code on record, many Hollywood films turned a blind eye to its dictates and served up some of the most delightfully scandalous comedies and darkly sensational dramas.


Contemporary audiences are sometimes surprised by how openly suggestive and fun many of these Pre-Code films are. Join me on a journey through some of these films and learn about the Pre-Code Hollywood film series presented in 2019 at Digital Gym Cinema.

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