8 Out of the Box Gifts for Hanukkah

by Emily Gould November 27, 2018


wine-glassesThe holidays are approaching and while we’re all looking forward to the cheerful atmosphere, the thought of finding a perfect (or at least acceptable gift) fills us with anxiety and dread. Fortunately, we’ve come up with this Hanukkah gift guide to aid you through your shopping nightmares.

1. Jewish Wisdom Ball from
Modern Tribe

If you know someone sick of their relatives offering unsolicited (and unhelpful) advice, give them the gift of portable Jewish wisdom. This Jewish spin on the classic magic 8 ball is the perfect thing to pull out at parties, or if you’re alone and in need of a second opinion. moderntribe.com

2. Ugly Hanukkah Sweater
from Tipsy Elves

Any Hanukkah sweater will do, but there’s something especially endearing about this particular Rabbi who can’t get enough Challah during the ‘challa-days.’ Don’t worry, it comes in men’s and women’s sizes! tipsyelves.com

3. Wine Glasses and Beer Steins

For all the Hanukkah-celebrating wine lovers in your life, there’s nothing better than a funky, novelty wine glass to sip their favorite beverage out of. Or if your friends prefer beer, we’ve got their needs covered too! etsy.com

4. Uber and Lyft Gift Cards

Tis the season for parties and fun, but you don’t want to have to worry about who’s going to be the designated driver. Keep your loved ones safe with this thoughtful (and practical) gift! amazon.com

5. Novelty Pajamas from Tipsy Elves and Slippers

Who doesn’t love to cozy up in the winter? A fuzzy pajama jumpsuit and  soft slippers will delight anyone who’s a fan of the holidays. And the good news is that both sets are available in women’s and men’s sizes! wayfair.com

6. Dreidel Fidget Spinner from the The Dreidel Company

Kids are all about the fidget spinner these days; these funky gadgets keep hands busy while minds stay focused. This dreidel spinner is a Jewish take on the now classic toy that will keep its recipient occupied and in the holiday spirit all year round. amazon.com

7. Judah and the Maccabees Board Game from Traditions Jewish Gifts

Help the Maccabees retrieve enough oil to keep the Menorah alight in this fun and educational board game. The quest is completed when the first person collects all 8 vials of oil and wins the game! traditionsjewishgifts.com

8. Yiddish Word Magnets from
Modern Tribe

Potshki-ing around with these magnets will bring hours of fun and put a smile on your bubbe’s face as you learn the language of your ancestors! moderntribe.com


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