We Are Here

by Sky Frank November 27, 2017


sajac_sandiego_20170917_102These past several weeks have been a literal dream come true. It started off by entering the San Diego Ben Vereen Awards as a male nominee. We met Ben for the first time on May 26, my birthday! Gosh that man is just such a powerful, knowledgeable being, so down to earth. He sat down with us and gave us some very useful advice that I’ll keep in mind the rest of my life. Ben spoke about a few ideals and mantras to keep in mind, one of them being, “if you are here, this is where the universe wants you to be, and if you are here then the universe is in line.” How cool is that! I felt very connected with everything he was saying.

So, we were onstage, holding hands with all the new, amazingly talented friends we’d made. I was rapidly repeating my name in my head “Sky Frank, Sky Frank, Sky Frank.” Our bodies were trembling with anticipation. One thing was going through all of our minds. Aside from the competition, we knew that in the week that we had spent together we created friendships and bonds. No matter who won, we would never forget the times we had spent with each other. Then, out of nowhere, Ben called MY name. Sky Frank! My body was shot with adrenaline and my mind went blank. Everyone was clapping and screaming, confetti was raining down and all. And I hadn’t even thought, yet, about the adventures that were still to come in New York.

Aside from the actual competition, rehearsal, and prep that went into ‘The Jimmy Awards,’ we had the chance to experience NYC. Some of us even for the first time. This was my second time in NYC, having been with my Nana Pam, my grandma, for my fifteenth birthday.  New York is awesome, aside from the humidity. I love the food, love the vibe, and I love the energy on the streets.

Being recognized like this was something that some people only have dreams of doing. This program was so meaningful not just because of the stage time or recognition you receive for being a part of it. I believe programs like this are essential because of the knowledge that is being passed on to the future ring leaders of this industry.

By doing this, we are creating a path for young minds to lead. The people standing on that stage are the minds that will create the future of musical theatre.

Being on that Broadway stage was an absolute honor and I can hardly wait to get back there.

It was an incredible pleasure and such an amazing time working with choreographers Kiesha Lalama and Leo Lencicki, as well as Director Van Kaplan, who I believe, were all responsible for awarding me with the “Rising Star Award.” I learned so much from these people and I could never thank them enough for the incredible experience with the Jimmy’s.

How did I get started in theatre? Well, I’ve always been a very theatrical and confident kind of kid. Always looking for attention. I have vague memories that are backed up by my mother’s word of me being in a production of “Peter Pan” as a very small child at my local Jewish community center.

However, my passion for acting was truly ignited in the 7th grade when I moved schools to SCPA. Thinking I was going to be in the jazz band, I eventually moved to the conclusion that musical theatre would be the best fit for me. My inspiration through high school was our MT teacher, Bill Doyle. Having no prior singing or acting coaching, I’d say Bill was responsible for teaching me almost everything I know. For some reason, all I wanted to do was make him proud, I just wanted to hear him say it. I love that man, he’s like my second father.

My thoughts for after high school are to go to college for theatre or musical theatre, learn as much as I can, better my craft, and be a sponge, soak up whatever useful information I can, meet like-minded people and form relationships. In the long run, my plan is to do theatre, then move to film and television, and then at some point in my life, feel free to create and release my own original music, which is something I’ve also always felt very passionate about. However, that’ll come around in due time, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Thank you – We are here. Α


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