A Real-Hair Solution to Hair Loss

by Alanna Berman November 27, 2010


It can be tough for anyone who experiences hair loss to find a real solution to the problem. Wigs, sprays, creams and hair plugs are options, but these “solutions” are not permanent, the results aren’t always convincing, and they could make the already uncomfortable situation more so. Additionally, women face the stigma that comes with female hair loss. RAZ Hair Restoration is so successful because it provides a real, unique answer to hair loss.

“When we are talking about women, it’s a very sensitive and touchy issue,” says Amnon Zakay, president of RAZ.

RAZ, whose name comes from Zakay’s initials, also means “secret” in Hebrew, which the Tel Aviv-born Zakay says is the most important part of the company name. His work to restore hair is so seamless, he says, that most don’t even know it’s been done.

“As a professional and as someone who is also a client, for more than 28 years I have been enjoying the same solution I offer to others,” Zakay says of the non-surgical procedure he utilizes in his Sorrento Valley office.

In his approach, Zakay uses real human hair chosen to match the color, texture, length, density, curliness, high or low lights, grey combination and natural look and feel of a client’s own hair. He then permanently secures this to the client’s own hair with a very thin and comfortable thread. A woman can then wash, brush and style the piece as she does her own hair.

“We’re not looking to produce something that looks like a wig,” says Zakay, who focuses on male and female clients with thinning hair and the beginning stages of hair loss. “The whole idea is to produce something that will be as close as possible to the previous look of the client — not to create a new person.”

Using all the common methods of hair replacement on the market, in addition to a very unique and special method he developed during the last three decades, Zakay is able to do just that.

The integrated thread hairline, or ITHL, method Zakay uses requires no trimming or shaving of the client’s natural hair and is also adhesive-free, allowing the natural hair to continue growing while the hairpiece is in place.

“The entire process is done by hand,” Zakay says, “so it’s an artistic procedure that’s not being taught in any schools.”

The tightness, thickness and fit are adjusted to the clients’ preference and then need to be touched up every six to eight weeks.

For maintenance visits, Zakay and his assistant, a cosmetologist, perform their work in a private, spacious room, so the experience becomes much like a visit to the hair salon.

“When [clients] come to the consultation, we look at their specific case and try to understand their expectations and fit a solution to them,” Zakay says.

Visitors receive a free initial consultation and watch a video showing the exact process from start to finish. They really are able to understand the process and the results this way, Zakay says.

“Once she comes to the treatment itself, [the client] knows what is going to happen, and she is confident that everything will happen exactly as described in the initial consultation,” he says.

RAZ’s methods work, too, say his clients. Almost all of them offer to supply a testimonial for the company based on their experience.

RAZ Hair

5850 Oberlin Dr., Suite 230

San Diego, CA 92121

(858) 404-0044



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  1. Thanks for the post. It is really good to read this information. Hair loss is one of the problematic issue in these days. Most of the people are suffering with this problem. Many causes for this hair loss problem, but most of the women are causing hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. This may sit by taking healthy and nutritional diet.

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