August, 2017

The Bet Stops Here

On youth gambling
by Marnie Macauley


Diversions, August 2017
by Natalie Jacobs

What’s Goin on August

The best in live entertainment this month
by Eileen Sondak

Summertime Serenity

Carole Feuerman’s swimmers show at Madison Gallery
by Eileen Sondak

Danny Burstein Steps Into Tevye’s Shoes Again

Tony-nominated performer will join the San Diego Symphony on the Bayside Summer Nights stage this month
by Pat Launer

Panko Corn and Pepper Schnitzel

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

A Little-Known History Comes to Life on Stage in Israel

The saga of the Nili spy ring becomes an operatic musical
by Sybil Kaplan

Jerusalem and its Latest Watershed Moment

The Jerusalem Biennale brings international contemporary artists together for the third time this year and a San Diego delegation will be there to experience it all.

Health Care: How it Works in Israel

While the United States continues to struggle with reforming health care reform, a look inside Israel’s universal health care system
by Brie Stimson

Irwin Jacobs Talks Technology, Israel and a New Campus for Fostering Innovative Entrepreneurship

Qualcomm founder discusses philanthropic focus on education and technology
by Natalie Jacobs

Awakening With a Scream

Child of Holocaust survivors recounts her family’s experience from Hungary to Auschwitz to Prague and ultimately the United States
by Sylvia Selverston

Coding Camp Makes Summer Learning Fun

Continuing its Southern California expansion, CodeREV hosts another excited group of budding engineers at Torrey Pines High School
by Brie Stimson

Seven Reasons to Send Your Kid to Jewish Day School

"Let’s send the kids to the public school,” my husband said when our children were little.
by Iliana Glovinsky

Helping Jewish Education Reach a New Plateau

Divine timing shows increased commitment in congregational schools at neighboring synagogues
by Natalie Jacobs

Rabbi Philip Graubart Signs on as SDJA’s First-Ever Chief Jewish Officer

Rabbi Graubart was also named as the Director of the school’s Advanced Institute for Judaic Studies (AIJS).
by Harry Katcher

From the Desk of a School Administrator

On the parent/school relationship
by Rachel Eden

Can Education Save Us?

Post-Political, August 2017
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Where Have All Our Morals Gone?

Our Emotional Footprint, August 2017
by Saul Levine

Bicycles Built for Two

Living on the Front Page, August 2017
by Andrea Simantov

The High School Bubble

Musings from Mama
by Sharon Rosen Leib

A World Away

The Starting Line, August 2017
by Natalie Jacobs
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