June, 2018

Lucky Charms

by Jacqueline Bull

Jews and the Atomic Bomb

by Judith Fein

Dance as Connection

by Jacqueline Bull

Magical Machu Picchu and The Vexing ‘Human Condition’

by Saul Levine, M.D., Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at UCSD


by Andrea Simantov

The Last Lesson: LGHF

by Rachel Eden

Diversions May 2018

by JTA News

What’s Goin On May 2018

by Eileen Sondak

Ask Marnie: Money

by Marnie Macauley

Growing up Jewish: Hebrew School

by Patricia Goldblatt

Old Farm, New Farm

by Jacqueline Bull

Kosher Dining in San Diego

by Leorah Gavidor

A Home of Loving Kindness

by Jacqueline Bull

In the Middle

by Jacqueline Bull

Our Infernal Flu

by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

This is Water

by Rachel Eden


by Brie Stimson

“7 Days in Entebbe”

In “7 Days in Entebbe,” which hit theaters in mid-March, Daniel Bruhl plays a German leftist terrorist tortured by the fact that he’s hijacking a plane full of Jews and taking them prisoner
by Ben Sales, JTA News

What’s Goin On April 2018

by Eileen Sondak

The Lost Art of Letters

Books? Newspapers? Whole words? These are going the way of fish forks and white gloves
by Marnie Macauley

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits

Throughout history, cheesecake has taken many different forms
by Tori Avey

Jewish South Carolina: A Tale of Two Cities

The extraordinary thing about South Carolina’s original constitution is that it was written by the English Enlightenment philosopher John Locke, and guaranteed religious freedom
by Judith Fein

“Eternal Life: A Novel”

"EternalLife: the more you live, the less you learn.”
by Leorah Gavidor

The Seven Yearnings of Highly Human People

Irwin Kula is a rabbi for our times
by Sharon Rosen Leib

Being True to Your Idiot Heart

Davy Rothbart and I are both Michigan to California transplants. In fact, our hometowns (Ann Arbor and Brighton) are only 30 minutes apart and I actually lived in his hometown for a spell
by Jacqueline Bull

“King Solomon’s Table” Delivers

Multiple James Beard Award winning “queen of American Jewish Cooking” chef and author Joan Nathan brings us a cookbook that is unlike any you’ve read before
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Not Your Father’s Anti-Semitism Holocaust Scholar Rabbi Michael Berenbaum

Anti-Semitism has again risen to the fore of conversation, and for some, the concern is valid, while others hold it is exaggerated and damaging
by Eva Beim

Festival of Ideas JCC’s Book Fair Becomes BookFest 2018

“The publishing industry has changed so much in recent years,” Brian Garrick, director of cultural arts programs and festivals at the Center for Jewish Culture (CJC), mused as we began talking about the Lawrence Family JCC’s upcoming BookFest
by Brie Stimson

Basketball and Beyond: The 8th Annual National Hillel Basketball Tournament

Where March Madness ends another madness begins, and, no, I am not referring to Pesach cleaning
by Leeron Carmi

Peering into the Heart of Israel

For the 70th anniversary of Israel’s statehood, Mingei International Museum is hosting its first ever Israel exhibit
by Jacqueline Bull

World Premiere: The Wanderers Are Finding Themselves at the Old Globe

A young Orthodox couple walks into a play
by Pat Launer

A Big Idea: Campus of Life Opens in San Diego

A new and exciting vision is developing in San Diego

Acting Through the Pain

In the past century, two days during this month were set aside for people to remember
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

“Belonging” is Our Blessing, But “Tribalism” is Our Burden

We humans are a social species, tribal by nature
by Saul Levine, Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at UCSD

When Time Leaves a Shadow

The Jewish Agency of Boston matched me with a Russian immigrant family after the collapse of the Iron Curtain
by Andrea Simantov

Of Pearls &Coffee

I recently saw a friend wearing classic black loafers with pearls peeking out of the soles
by Rachel Eden


A few days after 17 students and faculty were killed in the horrific Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there was more terrible news
by Brie Stimson

What’s Goin On March 2018

by Eileen Sondak

Table Manners

by Marnie Macauley

Seders Over Time

by Patricia Goldblatt

Adventures in Passover

by Leorah Gavidor

Seder: A Time Of Order

by Rabbi Ben Leinow

Community Seders

by Compiled by Jacqueline Bull

If Only Prozac Was This Effective

by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

I Am Not An Elitist! (Or Am I?)

by Saul Levine, Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at UCSD

Passing Over

by Andrea Simantov

Our Moment

by Brie Stimson

Yemenite Meat soup

Kitchen Peri Peri
by Lianne Goldsmith

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Finding Love This Valentine’s Day
by Judith Gottesman

Facing The Past

A Jew in Berlin
by Patricia Goldblatt

Carnivore Sandwich

by Eileen Sondak Photo by Ryan Sondak

Coming of Age

A Life at Camp Mountain Chai
by Buddy Voit

American Socialists

Filmmaker Yale Strom on His Subject Eugene Victor Debs
by Brie Stimson

Intrigue of The Human Condition

Israeli Filmmaker and Visiting Professor David Ofek Talks to SDJJ
by Brie Stimson

Aging (Somewhat) Gracefully

“Humor Me” is a smart comedy about real people
by Michael Fox

Defender and Advocate

“An Act of Defiance” tells the story of a Jewish attorney who fought against South Africa’s apartheid regime
by Michael Fox
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