November, 2017


Gal Gadot Returns in “Justice League”

What’s Goin’ On

Here's what's happening in November
by Eileen Sondak

Ask Marnie

Politically Speaking
by Marnie Macauley

In The Kitchen With Tori Avey

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
by Tori Avey

California Dreamers

How Jewish Family Service is helping DACA recipients navigate the unknown
by Brie Stimson

An Evening With Carl Bernstein

A Journalistic Icon Comes to JCC
by Brie Stimson

Reborn, Shiny and Beautiful

The Butterfly Project Comes Home to San Diego
by Jacqueline Bull

Teen Opportunities

7 Jewish Teenagers Show What’s Possible
by Introduction by Darren Schwartz, Interviews Brie Stimson and Jacqueline Bull

Why Jewish Day Schools Are Trying to be More Like Summer Camp

The annual transition from summer camp’s informal and highly spirited atmosphere to the more regimented, high-pressure and maybe even occasionally boring environment of school long has been one of the jarring changes of fall

Coming Together “As One”

A Provocative New Opera Breaks Unsung Ground
by Pat Launer

Finding Mr. Right: A Journey through Orthodox Jewish Dating

Part 2 of 3: Of Kissing Toads
by Rachel Eden

“No Room for Small Dreams”

Shimon Peres’ Life’s Work Continues On
by Brie Stimson

One Affair, Multiple Points of View

A review of the novel "Young Jane Young"
by Jacqueline Bull

The Stars Are Still The Same

Reflecting on 12 years of Camp Mountain Chai
by Dan Baer

New, Bold and Profound

StandWithUs Prepares for Their Annual Gala and The Year Ahead


Are We Burying Our Head in The Sand?
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Our Emotional Footprint

Do We Humans "Need" Tragedies to Bring us Together?
by Saul Levine

Living on The Front Page

by Andrea Simantov

Musings From Mama

Stepping Off the Planet and Into Bed
by Sharon Rosen Leib

Starting Line

by Brie Stimson

What’s Goin On

From the symphony to the La Jolla Playhouse, here's what's happening in the arts
by Eileen Sondak

In The Kitchen With Tori Avey

Old Fashioned Oat Nut Apple Crisp
by Tori Avey

Revisiting an Icon

"The Diary of Anne Frank" at Moxie Theatre

Friday Night Alight

Sharing Shabbat Where East Meets West
by Heather Ray

Finding Mr. Right

A Journey Through Jewish Orthodox Dating
by Rachel Eden

Better Should Really be Better

Making Health Care Accessible to All
by Michael Hopkins

One of San Diego’s First Jewish Families

“Cousins’ Lunch” is a time for these relatives to meet and connect outside the holidays
by Jacqueline Bull

Alfred The 100-Year-Old Bridge Player

He was born in 1917 and lived in New York and later San Diego his whole life
by Jacqueline Bull

Curb Your Enthusiasm Returns

Larry and the rest of the cast will return to HBO October 1 at 10 p.m
by Brie Stimson

This iconic San Francisco synagogue is no longer ‘just’ for LGBT Jew

The shul, which since its 1977 founding has been known as San Francisco’s gay synagogue, is now reaching out to a broader community and de-emphasizing its identity as an LGBT-specific congregation
by Rob Gloster, JTA News

From The Deep South to Southern California: JCC’s New CEO Brings 20 Years of Experience

The annual book fair is moving from November to the spring, the Foodies on the Farm cooking event is getting more prominence this month and possibly most notably, the community center has a new CEO.
by Brie Stimson

Mr. President: Sol Lizerbram Steps Into The JNF Spotlight

Dr. Sol Lizerbram is being recognized as the next national president of Jewish National Fund
by Brie Stimson

Blown Away

Both personally and in the world as a whole this year has been a little crazy.
by Brie Stimson

Is the Future Someone Else’s Problem

What can we do to engage the youth, the teens, the millennials, the baby boomers, the elderly as they become increasingly disenfranchised with Judaism?
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Who Is, And Who Is Not, A “Mensch”? (Virtuous Person)

You surely know the meaning of the word “mensch," (a virtuous person) and may well have used it yourself
by Saul Levine

When in Doubt, Go to the Funeral

At funerals, we share raw emotions and cry in public, thus exposing our vulnerabilities.
by Sharon Rosen Leib

Mom’s Home

I found her sitting on a plastic chair in the arrivals terminal, looking smaller than I’d remembered.
by Andrea Simantov

Coming of “Age”

I'll give you a few of my quirky observations
by Marnie Macauley

Tzipi Meets Her Match

Two Chabad Hebrew Academy teachers establish a rare bond through sickness and health
by Natalie Jacobs

Red Rice and Beet Cakes with Honey Mustard

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

Coming Home

Post-Political, September 2017
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

The Yin and Yang of Our Lives

Our Emotional Footprint, September 2017
by Saul Levine

The Teaching Bench

Living on the Front Page, September 2017
by Andrea Simantov

Ten Years Gone

Musings from Mama, September 2017
by Sharon Rosen Leib


The Starting Line, September 2017
by Natalie Jacobs
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