March, 2017

Wedding Woes

Two questions on the eve of big transitions
by Marnie Macauley

Looking Back, Looking Forward At the End of a Long Tenure

Tifereth Israel’s Rabbi Rosenthal retires after 29 years
by Natalie Jacobs

On “The Salesman”

Diversions, March 2017
by Natalie Jacobs

What’s Goin On, March 2017

What to watch live this month
by Eileen Sondak

The Sum and Its Parts

Lisa Kron repertory at Diversionary offers a brilliant look at a father, a mother and the daughter who vacillates between them
by Pat Launer

Rainbow Israeli Salad

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

Encouraging Couples to Explore their Genetic Makeup

Los Angeles nonprofit Gene Test Now hopes to expand in San Diego
by Brie Stimson

Two Kidneys, One Life-Saving Donation

A local woman gains hope from a Jewish organization while awaiting a kidney
by Natalie Jacobs

Saving Our Stories

How we consider the promise of refuge in foreign lands
by Sonia Taitz

Discussing the Future of Israeli American Relations in an Age of Uncertainty

Professor Jacob Goldberg discusses Trump, the American Embassy, and the 6 million square-mile elephant in the room, prior to his 15th annual lecture series
by Natalie Jacobs

A Mitzvah for Zaide

Local teen shares her reasons for her mitzvah project
by Natalie Jacobs

Rewriting the Traditional Ketubah

West coast artist brings folksy design and professional authors to Jewish wedding vows
by Brie Stimson

Celebrations as Passages

The case for enduring the minutiae of simcha preparations
by Patricia Goldblatt

Simchas Resource Guide, 2017

Start here with your party planning needs for this year.
by Brie Stimson

Mitzvah-Making and Party-Planning

What to expect from this year's BESA expo and SDJJ's resource guide
by Brie Stimson

The Jews at the Edge of the World

History Center opens year-long exhibition exploring Jewish San Diego from 1850 to today
by Natalie Jacobs

Jewish Voices on the Travel Ban

A compilation of four opinions on a controversial piece of executive action
by Natalie Jacobs

Op-Ed: The Ban and Jewish Identity

Jewish voices on the travel ban
by Rabbi Phillip Graubart

Op-Ed: Preventing Radical Islamists From Murdering Americans Is a Moral Act

Jewish voices on the travel ban
by Mort Klein and Elizabeth Berney, for the ZOA

Op-Ed: Children of Holocaust Survivors Perspective on Travel Ban

Jewish voices on the travel ban
by Marta and Henry Fuchs

Op-Ed: Biblical History Repeating

Jewish voices on the travel ban
by Rabbi Michael Berk, Congregation Beth Israel

Op-Ed: Are We Missing the Mark?

A plea for increasing attention on Jewish Day Schools
by Iliana Glovinsky and Dr. Larry Kutler

THE Holocaust

Our Emotional Footprint, March 2017
by Saul Levine

Dealing with Dementia

Older, Better, Wiser, March 2017
by Jon Schwartz

Masks and Meaning of Purim

Living on the Front Page, March 2017
by Andrea Simantov

Hearing the Voices of Elders Lost

Musings from Mama, March 2017
by Sharon Rosen Leib

A Reason to Celebrate

The Starting Line, March 2017
by Natalie Jacobs
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