June, 2017

Conceptual Art at its Most Playful

The new Wonderspaces pop-up tent show lives up to its name
by Natalie Jacobs

The Singular “Art” of Imperfection

Ask Marnie, June 2017
by Marnie Macauley

Diversions, June

"Genuis" from National Geographic
by Gabe Friedman, JTA

Peanut Butter Hummus

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

High Flying Passion

How Jay Bernstein migrated into the world of drone piloting
by Nicole Sours Larson

When “Where Are You From” Is a Very Loaded Question

After years of being met with disbelief at his Mexican Jewish heritage, filmmaker Isaac Artenstein began exploring his own history and that of other Jews in the American Southwest.

Got Opportunity?

Merryl Goldberg wants to change the conversation around arts education
by Natalie Jacobs

From Too Many Ideas to a “Simpler Theme”

Composer Avner Dorman’s journey arranging for the Israel army to San Diego’s Art of Élan
by Brie Stimson

Season Announcements for Theater and Music in San Diego

A look at what's ahead this summer and beyond.
by Brie Stimson

Becoming Omri Schein

His life has been a wild ride, and now his theater is following the same course
by Pat Launer

Summer Exhibition Preview

Where to find art and education exhibits around San Diego this summer.
by Natalie Jacobs and Eileen Sondak

Kosher Canvasses

A look at three local San Diego Jewish artists whose work defined the 20th century
by Brie Stimson

Artful Summer

Summer event rundown
by Natalie Jacobs

The Art and Science of Judaism

Post-Political, June 2017
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Old Friends: The Best Stuff of Life

Our Emotional Footprint, June 2017
by Saul Levine

Getting Grounded

Living on the Front Page, June 2017
by Andrea Simantov

Coachella and Letting Go

Musings from Mama, June 2017
by Sharon Rosen Leib


The Starting Line, June 2017
by Natalie Jacobs
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