September, 2017

What Jewish History Forgot

The High Holidays Edition
by Marnie Macauley

Symbolic Wines for the New Year

While we are all looking for a happy and healthy one, perhaps there are some other wine descriptors that might carry over their meaning and similarly bid us pleasantries for the future, in their own way.
by Andrew Breskin

High Holidays Services Around San Diego

Annual listing of services, with a personal touch
by Brie Stimson and Natalie Jacobs

“The Vietnam War”

Diversions, September 2017
by Brie Stimson

What’s Goin On September

The best in live entertainment this month
by Eileen Sondak

Black September

An excerpt from “Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic. Reggie, Rollie, Catfish and Charlie Finley’s Swingin’ A’s”
by Jason Turbow

The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Getting to know the Wingard family and three generations of artistic endeavors
by Pat Launer

Yoga, Rock Music and Challah Baking

Shabbat San Diego is back
by Brie Stimson

Riding in Cars with Jews

How to craft the best response to anti-Semitism
by Corey Levitan

Tzipi Meets Her Match

Two Chabad Hebrew Academy teachers establish a rare bond through sickness and health
by Natalie Jacobs

Red Rice and Beet Cakes with Honey Mustard

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

Coming Home

Post-Political, September 2017
by Rabbi Jacob Rupp

The Yin and Yang of Our Lives

Our Emotional Footprint, September 2017
by Saul Levine

The Teaching Bench

Living on the Front Page, September 2017
by Andrea Simantov

Ten Years Gone

Musings from Mama, September 2017
by Sharon Rosen Leib


The Starting Line, September 2017
by Natalie Jacobs
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