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Conceptual Art at its Most Playful


When I think of Mission Valley I think of condos, Costco and contentious sports stadiums. Also traffic, my credit union, Target, that weird new indoor skydiving place and more condos. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who would say contemporary art in the ever-developing neighborhood doesn’t make total sense. But there is a big empty… Read More »

When “Where Are You From” Is a Very Loaded Question


No matter how you slice it, the Jewish story is an immigration story. Setting aside thousands of years and focusing just on contemporary history, Jews in every corner of the world have answers to the question “Where are you from” that are equal parts very similar and totally different from each other. Filmmaker Isaac Artenstein… Read More »

Got Opportunity?


For Merryl Goldberg, it’s a new art-filled day in San Diego. The veteran art educator and klezmer saxophonist is underway with a campaign she hopes will help people see art as important to developing young minds as drinking milk is to growing strong bones. Here’s the big idea – when art is integrated into classrooms… Read More »



An old friend was in town from New York City and we met up for a drink at the Green Flash tasting room in Mira Mesa. I thought I was being so cool and original by taking him to a homegrown craft brewery. Turns out, most of the other old and new friends he met… Read More »

Why Jewish Organizations Have a Retention Problem


There are an estimated 10,000 Jewish organizations operating in the United States and Canada that employ about 80,000 people. This is according to JPRO, the Jewish professional network that has 15 local chapters throughout North America, including a two-year-old group in San Diego. Their goal is to create professional development and networking opportunities for professionals… Read More »



With every May issue, I start out feeling like we’re tackling two totally different topics, and I’m always surprised to come to the end of production and realize how interconnected the themes are. Seniors and Charitable Giving do have some obvious superficial commonalities – namely the fact that most philanthropists are older adults. But this… Read More »

High Hopes


Jeffrey Spivak had been having seizures for three years when Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special “Weed” came out. The documentary introduced Jeffrey, now 68, and his wife Deborah to a girl named Charlotte who has a debilitating seizure disorder called Dravet. By the time Charlotte was 5 she was having up to 300 seizures a week.… Read More »

Justice Served on Silver Platitudes


The first thing they tell you in jury duty is this will not be like the tv shows or movies you’ve watched your entire life, or the crime novels you continue to love even though you know they’re terrible. “So this will not be like Law and Order?” No. “How about CSI, CSI Miami, CSI… Read More »

On “The Salesman”


The Oscars turned political again this year, after 2016’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign brought attention to the unrepresentative complexion of last year’s nominee roster. While that issue has bubbled up in Hollywood before, the controversy this year is from an unlikely source – the President of the United States. As a result of Trump’s Executive Order which… Read More »

Two Kidneys, One Life-Saving Donation


Tzipi Tivon was diagnosed with end stage renal failure on her birthday. Her kidneys had been weak since chemo treatments for breast cancer nine years ago, and while she’s been in remission from cancer since then, her kidney function has continued to decline. Last year, in mid-January, she couldn’t breathe. “When I went to the… Read More »