Marnie Marnie Macauley

The Green-Eyed Monster


The Talmud teaches, “The world cannot exist without jealousy.” That “unpleasant” emotion, when used wisely, can spur We Jews and others to enormous goodness and heights. Or, it can take us to extremely unpleasant places. It really is our choice. CONQUER THE GREEN WITH THE GREEN Marnie: I have a huge problem with jealousy. I… Read More »

If Only Simchas Were Simple


We Jews are terrific organizers, but even the most prodigious party-planners suffer from stress attacks. Here’s what some find most troubling. WEDDING WOES Dear Marnie: I’m planning an swanky afternoon wedding on the grounds of our country club. I want everything to be absolutely perfect, so we’ve decided not to invite children under 14. The… Read More »

For the Love of the Arts


Not only have we Jews played a prominent role in the development of Hollywood and Broadway, but from the Catskills to our local shuls, we’re born entertainers. In tribute to film and the arts, we look at “What they’ll do (or have to do) for love.” TO BE OR NOT TO BE Dear Marnie: I… Read More »

Wonderful World of Women


Women! What other gender thinks with such complexity, nuance, and, according to Louann Brizendine, author of “The Female Brain,” speaks an average of 20,000 words per day, nearly three times the mere 7,000 spoken by men. Of course this may have been a rumor spread by Jewish male marriage counselors, but we don’t need a… Read More »

Time and Money


THE COOKIE CRUMBLED Dear Marnie: Today I finally blew. I got a notice from my daughter’s Day School that all goods at the upcoming bake fair have to be homemade!  I know it’s a little thing, but I went ballistic. Marnie, my day reads like a to-do list for Wonder Woman, starting with getting three… Read More »

Seniority Issues


SENIOR “SPLITTING” Dear Marnie: I am a widow, 65, dating a widower. My dilemma is I don’t know who should pay for what? We’re both on Social Security, have pensions and some savings (he also has stocks, etc.) but I have more financial responsibilities than he does. Last month we planned a four-day trip to… Read More »

Taking the “oy” out of the High Holidays


ROSH HASHANAH RELATIONS Dear Marnie: Every Rosh Hashanah, auntie Tillie, the family yenta, throws huge dinners which we all better attend or “you-know-what.” I can’t stand it. So I ask you, what is the best way of going about not seeing bad-vibe relatives during the High Holy Days? -California Artist MARNIE SAYS: Oh pooh, Little… Read More »

Grown-up Questions and the Powers That Be


TO BE OR NOT TO BE – WHAT? Dear Marnie: I’m unsure of my future. Both my parents are lawyers, and my sister just applied to law school. Naturally, my family expects the same from me. I’ve been an A student all my life (I’m in high school) but law doesn’t interest me. I’m really… Read More »

Body Image and a Matchmaking Mom


Hi JSDs. We’re back! This month we take on two issues that go to the heart of JYA (Jewish Young Adults) … mama, and “zaftignicity.” “ZAFTIGNICITY” Dear Marnie:  I am uncomfortable with my body because I am a zaftig. Chubby! This makes it hard for me to be comfortable meeting people,  especially men, although no… Read More »

Sibling Rivalry and Mixed Marriages


BRO HATES THE NEW BABY! Dear Marnie: My wife just had our second child, Simon. We also have a three year-old, Aaron. Since the bris two months ago, it’s been a killer. We tried to prepare Aaron for the baby. He felt my wife’s tummy and seemed excited about a new little brother to play… Read More »