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Dealing with Dementia


With this column, I typically aim to inspire a positive approach to aging, to imbue a sense of optimism and vigor. I was gearing up to write a similar positive message this month but I worried that at times, I may miss some of the real fears and challenges that come with aging. Perhaps the… Read More »

Finding Purpose


One of my favorite books is Viktor Frankl’s well know piece, “Man’s Search for Meaning” in which Frankl tells of his trying experience in Auschwitz. He writes passionately about a significant predictor of a prisoner’s longevity in a concentration camp: the ability to identify a purpose in life, even in the face of this extreme… Read More »

Resilience and Adaptability


I am a great admirer of the late Elizabeth Edwards. In her profession, Ms. Edwards was an attorney and also an ardent advocate for access to health care. But she is perhaps best known as the wife of former U.S. Senator and 2004 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards, whose political career ended in scandal. For… Read More »

Make Just One Someone Happy


As I was about to leave Seacrest for the day, I passed through the dining room during dinner and noticed from a distance a table of about eight residents in a complete uproar of laughter. Seeing their jubilation made me smile and laugh. I was late for dinner plans with friends, so unfortunately did not… Read More »

To My Wife:


A few years ago, before we met, my grandmother simply told me that one’s choice in a life partner is the most important decision one will ever make. She knew that a good marriage adds to life satisfaction, achievement, health and longevity. On the contrary, a difficult marriage has the opposite effect. For all that… Read More »

The Elders of San Diego


Centuries ago; before the internet, computer, television, radio and newspaper, people learned new information from elders within one’s community. They were revered and leaned upon for their wisdom, insight and advice. These elders were responsible for passing down traditional stories and rituals. Today, as more people live to older age, the idea of the wise… Read More »

Turning the Tables


When I was 6 years old, my parents and a few of my friend’s parents took us all out to McDonald’s after a soccer game. I had just finished my last Chicken McNugget when I thought it was time to play. All of my friends had already run outside and by this point they were… Read More »

Aging and the Horse Race


In January, I challenged myself to not watch sports for this entire year. Watching sports, of any kind, was something I really enjoyed, so this decision did not come lightly. But I wanted to be more thoughtful about my consumption, more conscious about how I spend my time. The first couple weeks were great –… Read More »

In Search of Technology Tutors


I may be a millennial, but I am in no way a technology wiz-kid. I do appreciate that fact that I’ve grown up in a time when learning computer basics, internet navigating, and smart phone is the norm, though. When a new piece of consumer technology breaks through, I basically assume that I’ll be able to… Read More »

The Lifespan Debate


The question I pose for my piece this month is this: are life spans long enough? Should we aspire to live to be 150 or 200 years old?  Or should we be content to live our lives to the current limit, 120 years (keep in mind the average life span is 78). I bring up… Read More »