Kavod Elementary Receives Charter Renewal

by Natalie Jacobs December 29, 2015



Underway with its third year of operation, Kavod Elementary Charter School and Hebrew language immersion program is celebrating its first charter renewal.

“Most schools are given a five year charter,” explains Kavod Director Alexa Greenland, “but San Diego Unified did three years with Kavod and asked us to submit a renewal within our first year of operation.”

At the time, the school started with grades K-2 and has been able to see that second grade class through to fourth grade, while adding larger kindergarten classes each year. The renewed charter approves the school for up to fifth grade.

“We would like to go to eighth,” Greenland says. “But we need funding. We’re looking into having a philanthropic sponsor for each grade.”

Facilities for charter schools also pose a challenge. Kavod has been site-sharing with Cubberley Elementary in Serra Mesa since it opened, but they’re actively reviewing sites in the area that will provide further growth opportunities and more autonomy in scheduling.

With 118 current students, Kavod has more than doubled since its first school year in 2013. The majority of students come for the Hebrew immersion, but, Greenland explains, it’s a “four-tier package” made up not only of the Hebrew component but also global awareness (using Israel education as a starting point), social responsibility and academic rigor.

On a tour, students in each class are seen employing various levels of the group-work model, where the teacher sits at one desk and groups rotate from station to station, working on different assignments.

Each year, Kavod opens kindergarten enrollment. At the time of this writing, there were 50 applications for 28 openings. The lottery window closes in February. Learn more about Kavod at kavodelementary.org.

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