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Chocolate Cheesecake Parfait

In the Kitchen with Tori Avey
by Tori Avey

Eliminate Your Electric Bill and Still Keep the Lights On

Ecosolar says this isn’t in some far-off future, it’s possible now
by Tina B. Eshel

Staging Transformation

San Diego Civic Dance benefits from Andrea Feier’s energy and expertise
by Pat Launer


What I Learned About Breastfeeding Living in Israel

My daughter was never one to play with dolls much, but when she did while we were living in Israel, she had a preferred method. Dolls were placed under her shirt and she’d rock them, telling me she was feeding her babies. No surprise really, given that where we lived – in a small community… Read More »

San Diego Symphony Gets Upright and Grand

This month, San Diego Symphony kicks off New Year 2016 by inaugurating Upright & Grand, the orchestra’s very first month-long festival focusing on one particular instrument. This series of events, which shines a spotlight on the ever-popular piano, opens on Fri., Jan. 8, and continues through Sat., Feb. 6. Internationally celebrated classical, jazz and contemporary… Read More »

Meeting the Expectations of Modern Women

If you hear the name Hadassah and think of hospitals, fundraisers, and your socialite relatives, now might be a good time to update your point of reference. The women’s organization, established in 1912, is still a major advocate of Zionism and a philanthropic entity for Israel, but its latest initiative aims to expand beyond its… Read More »

Roman Polanski, 10 other Hollywood Jews Open up About Surviving Holocaust

The Hollywood Reporter is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust with a feature on 11 survivors who went on to careers in American entertainment. The project, released Wednesday morning online and in print, includes emotional, revealing video interviews with all the subjects, including director Roman Polanski and sex therapist Ruth Westheimer. Director Steven Spielberg, the founder… Read More »


San Diego Jewish Film Festival
Feb 8 all-day
JNF: Evening with David Mitchell, Dean of Israel Studies @ Congregation Beth Am
Feb 8 @ 6:15 pm
San Diego Jewish Film Festival
Feb 9 all-day
Teen Screen 2016 @ Clairemont Reading 14
Feb 9 @ 6:00 pm

On the edge of Israel’s Negev Desert lies Sderot, a city made up of primarily factory workers, children of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, and rock musicians.  Due to the town’s location on the eastern side of Gaza, it has been pummeled for years by rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, a sad fact that has become an accepted way of life for the people who live there.  However, out of this lifestyle of fear and vigilance has developed a musical culture – one that flourishes mostly in the underground bomb shelters of the community.  Musicians and percussionists have created a unique sound that now resonates with people throughout the country and has actually transformed Israeli music by injecting Middle Eastern influences into traditional Western beats.  Searching for a story about music, filmmaker Laura Bialis stumbles into a world she never imagined; and as she crosses the line between observer and participant, she presents a tale of music and romance on the front lines of an ever-evolving country and culture.